What do we do?

We are a Marketplace application that connects users with our many laundry partners.
With Makwa app, you can:


• Select the laundry that best fits your needs.
• Choose a pickup and delivery time slot that is most convenient for you.
• Relax knowing your clothes will be back cleaned and/or ironed at your chosen date and time slot.

Why should you order from Makwa?

By simplifying the laundry ordering process, we offer new value to our users:


1- Range of laundries and services to order from.
2- Our user reviewed laundries.

3- 24-hour order placement.
4- Premium Service at affordable prices.
5- Multiple payment options.

Where can I find my active orders?

Go to “My Orders” tab on the navigation menu and you will find your order listed there. Click on the order to access its details and you will be able to track you order across the cycle.

Where can I find my order history?

Your order history can be found in “My Orders” tab on the navigation menu.

Can I rate or write a review about my recent order?

Yes, you can and we invite you to do so! 🙂
After an order has been completed, simply go to your “My Orders” tab on the navigation menu and select the order you would like to rate/review.
Please note that reviews are subject to our moderations and will appear in the review section within 24 hours.

Why should I rate or review my recent order?

We encourage all users to rate and review their laundry experience within the application. Share with us everything. The great experience, the less than great experiences, and everything in between. This also helps give recognition to the laundry partners you enjoyed working with!

How do I add my address to my account?

1- Sign into your account
2- Click the “profile” tab on the navigation menu
3- Click “ My Addresses”
4- Click “ Add New Address”
5- Hover the pin over your desired location, and “ Confirm Location”
6- Enter your address information, and “ Save Address”
Tip: Make sure that you hover the pin over the exact location, as this helps the drivers locate you more effectively.

Can I add multiple addresses to my account?

You sure can! Please follow these steps:-
1- Sign into your account
2- Click the “profile” tab on the navigation menu
3- Click “ My Addresses”
4- Click “ Add New Address”
5- Hover the pin over your desired location, and “ Confirm Location”
6- Enter your address information, and “ Save Address”
Tip: Make sure that you hover the pin over the exact location, as this helps the drivers locate you more effectively.

Can my Pickup address be different than my delivery address?

Of course! All you need to do is mention that to us through our in-app chat and we will make sure the new address is added to your account and your pickup/delivery reaches you at your preferred location.

What are your operating hours?

You can order Makwa all day long 😊, pickup and delivery are performed according to our partners’ working hours. Each partner has specified timeslots that you can choose from, these timeslots represent the time available for pickup/delivery by this vendor. Vendor turnaround times also vary between vendors so make sure you go through the vendor details before placing your order.

How do I place an order on Makwa?

You can check our

Do I need to separate my laundry?

Our Laundry Partners will always separate your laundry as required for the service requested, Although if you would like to inform us of specific cleaning instructions, you can leave a comment in the leave note box on the checkout page.

How do I know the best way to clean my items?

Partners in our network are renowned cleaning experts who carefully inspect each garment and direct it to the correct service according to the label instructions. Items without clear instructions are either rejected or handled in accordance with each partners’ range of equipment and expertise.

If I placed an order, how long does it take to receive the order?

Makwa Pickup and delivery agents strive to always arrive at your house within the timeframe you have selected. Keep in mind that unexpected traffic does occur and you will be informed of any change as it occurs.

How do I know if you can clean a specific type of clothing?

You can notify us by sending a message through the In-app chat. We will do our best to connect you with the laundry that best fits your needs.

Can I place an order without creating an account?

In order to provide you with the highest quality of service, We require all customers to sign up before placing an order.

Can I place an order for a future pickup and delivery?

Yes, you can. Makwa allows users to choose the most convenient time slot up to 6 days in advance.

Is there anything I need to do before my pickup?

Please ensure items are clear of all personal belongings before handing them over to the agent present.

What should I put my clothes into?

We’ll provide you each time with your own Makwa pickup bags when we arrive. A bag for iron only and a bag for clean and iron. Each bag is sealed by our agent in front of you and entered into our system instantly as pickup occurs. Our partner vendors sort and enter your clothes into our system after going back to the facility and you will receive a detailed invoice on your email and your order summary will be updated inside order details on the app. If you are leaving your garment with a concierge/at reception, just attach a note to explain which items are intended for which service.

The Item breakdown in my order is shown incorrectly, What do I do?

If you feel there is a discrepancy between the items collected and the items shown in the breakdown Please contact us through in-app chat and we will be able to assist you until this discrepancy is clear.

When Can I pay?

Cash Payments: you will pay by cash when your order is delivered back to you.


Card Payments: We only charge for the amount reflected in your invoice, which is shared with you via email and appears on your orders page on the app. Charging occurs after receiving your invoice.

How much do you charge?

Makwa does not have any hidden or additional fees! You do not have to pay anything more than the prices displayed in front of you on the app. Choose the vendor you think offers you the best value 😊

What is the method of payment we accept?

– Cash.
– Credit Card
– Makwa Credit
Which laundries can I place orders from using my credit card?


All our vendors accept payment by credit card, you can always check the accepted payment methods from the vendor profile information.

I Missed a scheduled pickup/ delivery. What do I do?

No need to worry, we will definitely get in contact with you if that happens. All you need to do to is click on reschedule on the app or you can notify us through our in-app chat to arrange a new time, Please provide your name and order number of the order that you have missed. Please note that you will be charged an amount of EGP 10 as reschedule fee.

I was not happy with my order. Who should I contact?

If you ever have any issues with your order, you can always notify us through our in-app chat or send us your complaint via email to [email protected] and your complaint will be handled by our customer service team.

Can I cancel my order?

We understand that unforeseen circumstances can occur that may prompt you to change or cancel the order, please check the cancelation conditions below:-
1. Customers can cancel their order before pickup for free before the beginning of the order time slot.
2- Cancellation after pickup will cost you EGP 15, if order has been processed you will pay the full order amount plus the delivery fee.

What is “Refer a Friend”?

This is a feature that allows you to share the application with a friend. Once your friend uses the link to download the application and register, they will be rewarded with Makwa credit to use on their first orders. After they complete their first order, you will also receive Makwa credit to use on your future orders.
My referred friend completed their first order, and I did not receive credit.


Please confirm that your friend used your referral link to download the application, and completed their first order. If the friend did, please send us an email with your friend’s name, email, and phone number so that we can begin to investigate and rectify this issue.

How do I change the language setting?

Visit your profile page, and under “ Settings” click “ Language “ and choose your preferred language.

How to find discounts and promotions?

Any offers or discounts will be displayed in each laundry’s home screen. Just look out for a blue promotion tag. Additionally, you may also use the filter option near the search bar to show you laundries that currently have promotions available for you to use.

I would like to modify the service type for an item(s) in my order.

To modify any order, you need to inform our customer care team through our in-app chat.

To avoid any extra charges, you need to inform us within a maximum of 1 hour after receiving your invoice.

If you modified your order before the beginning of the timeslot it will be free of charge.

The driver is late, What do I do?

If our agent is delayed for whatever reason, rest assured that you will be notified beforehand. If for some reason you weren’t notified of the delay to your order, please let us know at once and we will immediately update you on the status of your pickup/delivery.

The driver delivered my clothes and did not take payment, what should I do?

No need to worry, you can always pay online using your credit card or debit card or we can reschedule a visit to collect payment by cash. Also, you can build up your wallet with Makwa so that you can pay your orders using your own Makwa credit, which will give you a chance to earn more points with Makwa that can be transferred to direct discounts or even more credit.

I paid online for my order and it has been deducted from my bank account twice

No worries, we do apologize for this inconvenience, all you need to do is send us a screenshot through our in-app chat of your bank transaction by email to [email protected] so that we can begin to investigate and rectify this issue immediately.

I tried to pay online for my order but the transaction keeps on failing.

If you ever face problems while processing your online payment, let us know by sending a message to our support team through the in-app chat or by email to [email protected] and we will solve it for you immediately.

How does Makwa ensure quality?

We rely on our partners’ cumulative experience, they have processed over 20,000 orders containing over 200,000 plus garments. Our process and top-class customer experience speak for themselves. All our partners are part of our network. If you face any issue, you can always reach out to us through our chat support and we’ll assist you right away 😊.


We partner with high-quality vendors in the areas in which we operate. Our partners go through a number of processes that ensure they are well equipped to handle our valued customers different garments.


We work closely with all of our cleaning partners and provide them with thorough, detailed, and actionable feedback to ensure that they deliver a consistently great product.


We take great pride in ensuring our partners provide high-quality cleaning for every garment you give us. We have developed several steps in our process to ensure that your clothes always receive the best care by our partners.


We’ll do what it takes to get everything right, we have confidence that your items will receive the best quality cleaning possible, and we are always here for you in the rare cases it doesn’t. If you find a stain or fault that has slipped through the cracks or your garment doesn’t meet your quality standards, please email [email protected] or notify us through our in-app chat.

Can you collect and deliver to my concierge/Maid?

Yes, we can! If you happen to have a concierge, reception or porter available at your address and they are able to receive orders, please leave a note in checkout when placing your order. If your order has already been collected, you can contact our customer care team via email ([email protected]), live chat, and soon via phone, and we’ll be able to leave instructions for our agent on your behalf.
However, if there are any issues, the agent will try and give you a call.

What is the Makwa Guarantee?

All your garments are protected under our 72-hour Makwa Guarantee, which enables you to enjoy a free redo in case you are not satisfied with the quality of the service, just let us know within 72 hours and you will be granted a free redo.

Where are my belongings cleaned?

You get to choose who handles your garments, vendors are displayed and will appear to you on the app according to your location. You will be able choose from a wide range of cleaning experts with a variety of services, packaging and prices. All cleaning partners are carefully selected and go through an inspection process that ensures they are well equipped to handle your garments. We have close relationships with all of our cleaning partners and work together to bring you the best service possible.

What happens if one of my items goes missing?

Your clothes are in safe hands and cases of missing items are extremely rare, but we understand it is a natural point of concern. We have strict procedures to follow if our customers experience a missing item case. In this unlikely event, we will carry out a full investigation to find out what happened. Please notify us through our in-app chat or by email to [email protected] to report the issue, with further details and pictures of the item, if available, and we will do everything within our power to amend the situation Please note that we require customers to notify us within one week from the delivery date in the rare case of a missing item.